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St Neots Museum

St Neots Museum is the place to discover all the local history of the town and about St Neot himself, the saint who resided in Cornwall but whose bones came to rest here in the town. Some more highlights include details of the Medieval Priory that once stood, and of the Civil War Battle of St Neots.

There is an exhibit which relives local history and traditions, and you can discover more about life in the Victorian era.

Granville Rudd was a local teacher, archaeologist and curator of the longsands school museum. He essentially established his museum in the local school, which eventually outgrew the space they had. The museum was eventually rehoused in the old police house, sadly 10 years after Granville’s passing. Without all his hard work, the museum would not be there today. Granville Rudd is thought very highly of and parts of the museum being dedicated to his memory.

The building has been used as a museum since 1995, but actually dates back from around 1860 and was originally the Old Magistrates Court, Police House and Gaol Cells. The Cell block was added later in 1907 and was used for those who had committed petty crimes, many prisoners only staying a matter of days before they would be made to appear in court. They were not the most comfortable, but the prisoners were lucky to have mains plumbing in the toilet and an exercise yard, all be it very small, but it was far better conditions to those still being locked up in cages like animals with straw to sleep on. However it would have been extremely cold as the heating wasn’t added until much later when the museum moved in.

The layout of the rest of the building has changed significantly over the last century, and many interesting characters have lived, worked or been held prisoner here since the building was first constructed. Spend the night here with the Fright Nights Cambridgeshire Team, and discover more about the history and hauntings connected to the building.

Address: The Old Court, 8 New Street, Saint Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 1AE

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