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Oliver Cromwell’s House

The house itself actually dates back to to 13th century and was originally built as an open hall house for a priest. Oliver Cromwell and his family lived in Ely for ten years from 1636 to 1647. He inherited the house along with his title ‘Farmer of the Tithes’ (or local tax collector) His inheritance made him a wealthy man. He lived here with his wife Elizabeth Bourchier and their eight children. There have been many changes to the structure of the house over the years. It has also been used as a public house and a rectory. There are documented reports of a dark haired lady in a long dark dress with keys at her waist, appearing in ‘the haunted bedroom’ and disappearing again. In fact the latest vicar did not ever move in to the parsonage as the vicar’s wife refused to live there due to there being an oppressive atmosphere and feeling incredibly uncomfortable!

In 1979, a couple were staying in the haunted bedroom. The Lady awoke finding herself standing in the corner of the bedroom, facing a doorway that should have been on the right. Her feet touched wooden floorboards although she knew the room was carpeted, and a man stood in front of her, she could not see him, but his hands held her arms in a strong grip, hearing a voice in her head repeating the phrase ‘tis not my way’ over and over again. She didn’t know if she was in present time or that of another person’s time. The experience faded and the woman went to bed, awaking in the morning to aching arms and red finger marks around both. Later after further examination, it became evident that the original doorway had been blocked up and plastered over, and had originally been in the exact place of the woman’s vision the previous night!

Today his house has been restored to a visitor attraction where you can experience what domestic life would have been like in the 17th Century in a variety of re-created period rooms as well an exhibition detailing the Civil War.

Address: 29 St Mary's St, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4HF

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