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Cromer Pier

The Pier is a historic grade II listed structure and dates back to 1902, although there is evidence of a pier/Jetty being situated on the site as far back as 1391.. having been destroyed and reconstructed various times over the centuries. A coal boat once ploughed straight into the pier, and severe storms have caused the pier damage beyond repair. The nearby town of Shipden was also swallowed up by the sea during stormy weather many years ago.. Legend tells that the bell from the long lost church at Shipden can occasionally be heard from Cromer Pier, believed amongst the locals to be a warning that severe weather conditions are drawing near. 

The Pier is well known locally for being the most haunted site in Cromer, and consistently shown signs of paranormal activity over the years. This includes:

  • Ghostly apparitions wearing medieval style clothing walking along the Pier
  • Ghostly Cries have been heard coming from the sea.. thought to be the cries of lost sailors
  • The dark presence of a man has been seen on numerous occasion sporting a tall dark hat with jet black hair and an ashen face.
  • Ghostly apparitions are said to have appeared on stage during performances, scaring the actors and actresses and audience alike.
  • Feelings of being watched and a very intense oppressive and unwelcoming atmosphere can be felt in a particular backstage area and in one of the dressing rooms.
  • Poltergeist activity has been reported in the bar area terrifying staff as bottles have seemingly jumped off shelves by themselves, and glasses have been smashed.. also objects have been moved in other areas by unseen hands!
  • Audible phenomenon has been regularly reported such as laughter, a lady singing, disembodied footsteps and taps and bangs are heard (which the Fright Nights Cambridgeshire Team witnessed first hand during our initial site visit to the Pier!)
Address: Cromer Pier, The Promenade, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9HE

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