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Burwell House

Burwell house has changed over the years, with the vast majority of work carried out by Edward Ball, who extended the house massively in Victorian times. Edward was the local MP, a landowner, factory owner and magistrate. Edward had quite a big impact on the local area as he believed that all children should have the opportunity to attend a school and to be able to learn, whether from a rich or poor background. Ultimately he helped to fund and build the local school, which seems ironic that his former family home is now used as an education centre predominantly for children. This leads to question, is it Edwards spirit that lingers at Burwell House? Does he watch over the children as they run through the house and grounds? Or could it be the ghost of the housekeeper that Edward married after his wife passed away?

Staff at Burwell have witnessed lights turning on and off, objects moving, disappearing and reappearing in unusual places, and have felt a strong presence especially on the top floor of the house in the little old fashioned bedrooms with dormer windows. They believe it to be a female presence and although she has been nicknamed Charlotte, no one quite knows where the name actually came from.

The house has had many other owners over the years. In 1932 a Mr George Webb purchased the house as a present for his wife, Ivy Webb, who was also his niece. The couple had six children together but strangely the family didn’t ever live at Burwell together, as George refused to move from his current address, so it wasn’t until 1934 that Ivy moved into Burwell with her children, after George has passed away. Over the next few years the house was modernised, refurnished and became the first house in the village to become wired for electricity. Heated hot cupboards were installed and ensuite bathrooms to the master bedrooms, and a servants staircase was added. The house became the ‘show house’ of Burwell! Ivy found herself a new man named Edmund Burnside, who eventually led to her misfortune, as over the next few years all of Ivy’s money was spent and the house had to be sold on. It was continued to be used as a family residence until it was taken over by the council, and in 1964 the property was purchased by The Cambridgeshire County Council, and has been used as a residential centre ever since. There are many original photographs and paintings displayed around the house of some of the colourful characters that have lived and worked in this fantastic building.

Join Fright Nights Cambridgeshire for a night of ghost hunting at Burwell House and help us discover more about the history and hauntings at this amazing venue.

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