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Fright Nights a family company since 1999, was the first of its type to offer overnight Ghost Hunt experiences to the public in the UK, and retains its reputation for haunted and unusual locations as well as an excellent night of ghost hunting! This Halloween sees Fright Nights celebrating its eighteenth year of providing the best ghost hunting experiences to the general public. Taking hundreds ghost hunters a month on the most thrilling ghost hunt experiences available, Fright Nights are the undisputed number one Ghost Hunting Company.

Fright Nights have taken over 400,000 people on ghost hunts at over three hundred haunted locations, if you have never been on a ghost hunt before, then have a go, it is an experience to remember! See below for ghost hunting highlights coming up or check out our ghost hunt section here

“The undisputed number one ghost hunting company in the UK” THE GUARDIAN

“The country’s longest running ghost hunting company” The Sun

“The Ghost Hunting Specialists” Daily Star

“One of the fifty things to do before you die” FHM Magazine

“I was invited to a ghost hunting evening with Fright Nights I jumped at the chance” Andy Rudd, THE MIRROR

“I was surprised about the number of unexplained bumps which happened…I’m a logical man, I like logical things, but no matter how quickly I rushed upstairs or how thoroughly we searched the floor, we couldn’t find any explanation to any of the noises.” Jamie Lewis, THE INDEPENDENT

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-NEW VENUE 2019-

-£55 pp-


Described by staff as “an odd building with odd goings on” it spurred us on to take a closer look! With all the layers of history and weird and wondrous artefacts throughout the building, on reflection of our guided tour we have no doubt that Moyse’s Hall is a ghost hunters dream!

Paranormal activity is experienced by staff and visitors on a regular basis…

The spirit of a curious young boy has been sensed by staff and visitors on numerous occasions. He is said to keep watch in the doorway of the room that holds the horology (clock) collection. It is thought that the young lad takes a dislike to female visitors, who have reported the sensation of being pushed!

A dark and foreboding mass described as either small or crouching down, has been seen in the great hall. The witness to this day still feels his hairs stand up on end when thinking back on the incident.

Poltergeist activity has been witnessed in the reception area of the museum with a newly refilled leaflet stand being forced up by unseen hands, projecting the side of the stand one way and the leaflets sliding across the floor in the opposite direction! On another occasion, staff had come in early morning to open up for the day and were astonished to see books scattered over the floor. Although when they had left the premises the night before the area had been clear and tidy!



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